Lady Katrelle, Queen of the Night Sky

Demigod ruler of the Kynon empire


Seventy years ago, Lady Katrelle began the campaign which brought all of what is currently the realm of Kynon together under her rule.

A demigod of unknown parentage or origin, the Queen of the Night Sky arrived from the north with a small fleet of ships unannounced and unresisted. With efficient and decisive demonstrations of power, she was able to quickly amass an army and overcome the disjointed resistance of the separate tribes that populated the northern reaches of Kynon.

In the time since, she has continually grown her territory and strength through a combination of winning loyalty from some tribes and bringing the others to heel through military might. Her reign has marked a new era of stability and order for those under her command, if not peace; Justicars travel the realm dispensing her justice and wisdom throughout the populace, leaving little room for dispute or grievances.

She has grown to be respected or greatly feared throughout the land. Those who have been in her presence often tell that she seems severe yet patient, and her beauty otherworldly. Her gaze is said to carry an uncomfortable weight, and few of those telling these tales seem eager to meet with her again.

Lady Katrelle, Queen of the Night Sky

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