Cortran (Cort)

Venerable trainer of Kynon's new promising recruits


Like his father before him, Cort has spent his days training new brats for their upcoming lives in the Kynon military. In his thirty years in the role, there is very little he hasn’t seen.

Nobody would ever describe Cort as warm; his lessons are frequently punctuated with swift violence and punishments. His words are measured and disapproving, laced with pessimism that he makes no effort to conceal. The many scars covering most of his body, coupled with the permanent scowl that he wears, serve as an effective deterrent to those who would try to get close.

Cort is the type of man who seems to believe that the best way to keep a recruit alive is to give them a healthy appreciation of danger and discipline himself, and that an example of the price of failure is never a wasted lesson.

Due to his success over the years, he is a favoured member of Lady Katrelle’s court and has been entrusted with training – and weeding out – those who seem to show special promise.

Cortran (Cort)

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